About the OHT-N

Drawing on a strong history of collaboration, patients, caregivers, health and community care providers from across Northumberland County are working together to improve patient and caregiver experience with local health and community care services, as well as provider work-life experience, through the Ontario Health Team (OHT) model. 

On December 6, 2019, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Christine Elliott visited the Colborne Emergency Services Base to announce the Ontario Health Team of Northumberland (OHT-N) as one of the first 24 OHT candidates in the province.  The OHT-N is now moving forward with implementing this new model of organizing and delivering care, better connecting local patients and caregivers with providers  in order to:

  • Enhance patient and caregiver experience
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Improve provider work life experience
  • Improve value to the community 
  • Advance health equity

2022-2026 Strategic Plan

The OHT-N 2022-2026 Strategic Plan sets our direction for shaping, together, the future of care and services for Northumberland. Learn more.

OHT-N Partners

Interest in the OHT model in our community has been high, and diverse. Current OHT-N Collaboration Council partner representatives are as follows:

OHT-N Supporters

Community partners who have supported OHT-N planning and implementation include:

Patient & Caregiver Partnership

The OHT-N is committed to meaningful community engagement, as well as partnership with patients and caregivers, to shape health and community care service delivery in Northumberland. This includes:

  • Adoption of a Patient/Caregiver Partnership and Community Engagement Framework. This framework is based on international best practices as well as the Patient and Caregiver Declaration of Values for Ontario. It sets out a commitment to ongoing consultation to validate proposed projects, assess the local services/supports needed most, and inform priorities.
  • Patient and caregiver partner representation within all OHT-N governance, planning and project team structures.
  • Growth and development of Northumberland’s first county-wide Experience Partner Council.
  • The intent to establish, in the future, a local Ombudsperson role.

The OHT-N will continue to share information about public consultations and other opportunities to engage, as our work progresses.

Contact Us

Andrea Groff
Executive Lead
Ontario Health Team of Northumberland
Email: info@ohtnorthumberland.ca

Media Inquiries

Jennifer Gillard
Vice President, Patient Experience, Public Affairs and Strategic Partnerships
Northumberland Hills Hospital
Phone: 905-377-7757

Kate Campbell
Director, Communications & Information Technology
Northumberland County
Phone: 905-372-3329, ext. 2335