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Cancer Screening 

Cancer screening is testing done on people who are at risk of getting cancer, but who have no symptoms and generally feel fine. Screening increases the chance of finding cancer early when it is more likely to be cured. Learn more about how to access local screening - with no referral required - for common types of cancers including:


Vaccine eligibility

COVID‑19 vaccination includes a primary series and booster doses. All individuals aged six months and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Primary Series Eligibility
 A primary series is the initial number of doses of a COVID‑19 vaccine that a person needs to develop a strong initial immune response. Most people need two doses of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna) or Novavax (for those over 18 years of age) to complete their primary series. If you are immunocompromised, you may need a three-dose primary series.

Each dose in a primary series should be given at an interval of eight weeks between doses.

Eligibility: Available to everyone aged six months and older.

Booster Doses Eligibility
Booster doses are doses of a COVID-19 vaccine received after the primary series. Booster doses are recommended based on evidence of gradually waning immunity over time, especially against new variants. Booster doses will provide an extra layer of protection against severe outcomes from the virus.

Booster doses should be given at an interval of six months between completion of a primary series and a first booster dose or between booster doses.

Eligibility: Individuals 6 months and older who are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations are recommended to receive a dose of an XBB formulation at an interval of 6 months since their last dose or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Where to get a vaccine

Vaccination remains our best defense against COVID-19 and its variants. COVID-19 vaccine is now widely available from many sources, including primary care providers, and pharmacies.

HKPR District Health Unit immunization clinics
 Vaccination clinics hosted by the Health Unit are now available on an appointment-only basis using the online Provincial Booking System or calling 1-833-943-3900. 
COVID-19 vaccines are also available at local pharmacies. Some pharmacies are accepting walk-ins, others require an appointment. Hours of availability vary by pharmacy. Check the provincial website for a current list of all participating pharmacies. 
Primary Care Providers 
Some primary care teams and/or providers are offering vaccination clinics as well. Reach out to your primary care provider directly for information, or monitor their website and social media feeds for updates.

Have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Book an appointment to speak to a health care professional, or watch these 'Ask the Expert' videos

Talk to a health care professional about the COVID-19 Vaccine
'Ask the Expert' videos

Medical experts answer common questions about COVID-19 vaccines for children 5 to 11 years old in the following videos:

For more information

For provincial information about COVID-19, including a list of COVID-19 symptoms, please visit Ontario’s dedicated COVID-19 website, or visit the Province's vaccine information page for more information about getting your vaccine.