Volunteer Peer Support Program

The Volunteer Peer Support (VPS) program—one of three new programs coming to our community as part of the Year 1 activities of the Ontario Health Team of Northumberland (OHT-N)—will see well-trained peer volunteer facilitators support Northumberland seniors and their caregivers experiencing persistent complex problems and conditions with the introduction of an innovative new High Fidelity WrapAround model.

Once launched, the VPS program will match skilled volunteers with vulnerable older people experiencing persistent complex problems and conditions. The volunteers will be trained to deliver a consistent and prescribed method of support (High-Fidelity WrapAround) and will work together with the participant and, as appropriate, their caregiver, to build an individualized team of support. These teams will support the participant to build on their strengths and find ways to address their unique needs and goals. Through this informal, social support circle, it is expected that the person will begin to develop greater capacity to both navigate and get the most out of available local service systems.

Learn more about the purpose of this program, and the impact for patients, caregivers and the healthcare system.