Year One Focus

The province’s vision is to have all health care coordinated through Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) in the future. Initially, OHTs will test this model of care through targeted projects serving specific populations. 

Northumberland County has an older population than the Ontario average, with many residents living in rural areas. The initial focus for the Ontario Health Team of Northumberland (OHT-N) will therefore be on the coordination of health care services for rural populations – specifically those who experience significant barriers to care.  

Based on input and data gathered to date, the OHT-N’s Year One projects are as follows:  

  • Volunteer Peer Support - This initiative will match trained volunteers with people in our community who require informal support, broadening their social network and assisting them to navigate and access the health care services they need. Learn more about the Volunteer Peer Support program.
  • Community Paramedicine - Leveraging the skills and training of Northumberland Paramedics, this initiative will provide proactive services for patients who use 9-1-1 services due to system gaps/challenges/ access to community care. This will include remote monitoring for appropriate patients. Learn more about the Community Paramedicine Program.
  • Rural Outreach Clinics - Multiple OHT-N partners will bring services to rural community locations to reduce barriers to care experienced by patients in small, rural areas, such as access, transportation and outreach challenges. Learn more about the Colborne Rural Outreach Clinic, which opened April 6, 2021.

The population served, as well as the scope of services provided, will expand over time.